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Kirsi ja Harri


We are Kirsi and Harri Tuomi. Wellbeing is part of our core competence - Harri is a physiotherapist, Yin yoga and restorative yoga instructor and Peter Hess voice massage therapist, Kirsi is a music and interaction therapist, work counsellor, restorative yoga instructor and voice massage therapist. As a family, we have been able to get to know the challenging aspects of life through our work with child protection, which has also made it easier to take care of our own ability to cope on a personal level. Hence the Myllytalo trademark "Breathe.". It does not command, does not exhort, does not shout, but states, perhaps even reminds a little. Finding everyday resources is as important to all of us as the occasional touch of luxury and pampering. Now that our own three children have moved away from home, the time has come to open the doors of Myllytalo to this possibility. We warmly welcome you!


Myllyitalo has a hundred-year history in the east of Hämeenlinna. The house is located along the then highway, now a light traffic route, next to the Ruununmylly school and Kruununmylly. The main building with its courtyard was completed in 1921 and the same family lived in the house until 1989. The Tuomet family are the fourth owners of Myllytalo and moved into the house in August 2011. The aim is to preserve the old buildings and the courtyard, respecting tradition and meeting modern requirements.


Kirsi Tuomi is a PhD music therapist, Theraplay and DDP interaction therapist, work counsellor (STOry) and early childhood music teacher. Kirsi's special area of expertise for twenty years has been attachment-based rehabilitation with birth, foster and adoptive families. In addition to her work as a therapist, Kirsi is a trainer, especially in the fields of music therapy, early interaction and family-centred work. Kirsi has lectured on her own speciality at numerous congresses abroad and also collaborates internationally with other professionals in the field of therapy. As a counsellor, she specialises in counselling families and professionals working in the field of child protection. Kirsi completed her PhD in 2022 with a major in music therapy. The thesis is entitled Potentials of music therapy with children and families and can be read in full here.

Kirsi has a degree in meditation, relaxation and restorative yoga. Kirsi is a also works with groups using the Peter Hess® method.

Kirsi can be reached by email: kirsi.tuomi(at)myllytalo.fi or tel. 040 5443784.


Harri Tuomi graduated as a physiotherapist in 1997. His own sporting background and back problems have directed Harri's interest in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders. The importance of correct postures and body care is emphasized in the guidance alongside the actual treatment. His own hobby of golf has also opened the way to the physical challenges inherent in the sport, how to solve them and how to treat them.

Harri is an instructor of Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga, guided by the principle of letting go. Rather than performing, deep relaxation and relaxation are allowed to take place through gravity while listening to one's own body. Yin yoga and restorative yoga can be done either individually, as part of a massage, or tailored, on a separate order for your group. Harri also uses the low-frequency vibroacoustic sound-based and manual Peter Hess® sound-blindness retraining method in his work. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, the singing bowls provide a gently immersive experience when played with the body.

The best way to reach Harri is to call him at tel. 0400 861042 or by e-mail: harri.tuomi(at)myllytalo.fi.