Welcome to Myllytalo

Time for yourself with a personalised wellbeing holiday in the traditional Myllytalo.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the 100-year-old Myllytalo's rustic courtyard just 3.5 km from Hämeenlinna railway station. Hämeenlinna, steeped in history and culture, offers a great setting for all kinds of recreation. The Myllytalo adds a spicy touch to the mix from the warm, homely perspective of a family-run business.

"Just arriving at Myllyalo makes your pulse race and your mind calm down" is a phrase we often hear in different forms. The log house and its old courtyard buildings and gardens seem to breathe a little more peacefully than the world around them. The outbuildings of our rustic courtyard house three fully equipped apartments, the main house a barn and a nursing room, and another outbuilding a LatoSpa - all uniquely charming spaces in their own right. In summer, the cosy Latokaffila also opens its doors. Small is beautiful at Myllytalo. We cater for groups of 2-10 people, individually tailored to your needs, with flexibility as our guiding principle.

We warmly welcome you to take care of yourself, alone, with family or friends!

Harri and Kirsi Tuomi, host and hostess of Myllytalo