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Singing bowls are an ancient way to enter a deeper state of relaxation. The Peter Hess® method of sound rehabilitation used at Myllytalo is based on responsibility, sensitivity and individual attunement to the client's condition. The hand-forged, unique bowls and gongs are of the highest quality and are tuned to their own sound frequencies to precisely match their intended use (for more information see: http://www.medi-sound.fi).

In body-playing personalised and individual singing bowl relaxation treatment, the low-frequency vibroacoustic massage effect is felt in the muscles and tissues. The relaxation is performed on a treatment table with a warm surface, where the bowls are played on a clothed body on a felt-covered mat. The different bowls are played systematically in different parts of the body according to their resonant frequencies. The first time the focus is on the back, but several times during the relaxations the bowls are also played on the abdomen and limbs. The resonance not only has a relaxing effect on the mind and body, but often also on sleep quality, stress levels, brain recovery and metabolism. During relaxation you can just be, no one is demanding anything of you, performance is left behind and you can rest in the aesthetically beautiful sounds. The body-worked vocal muscle relaxation is always individualised and the session includes an initial discussion, relaxation and recovery.

In a pair singing bolw relaxation session, the relaxation takes place on two adjacent treatment tables with a warm surface. The chimes are played alternately on the clothed body of each participant on a felt-covered mallet. In this way, the resonance of the bowls is transmitted to the client not only through the body but also through the air. Come and try our new product with your spouse or friend!

The singing bolw relaxation treatment is available not only as a stand-alone 45min. relaxation, but also in combination with a physiotherapy session with Harri or a psycho-physical work counselling session with Kirsi. It is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy, or for people with pacemakers or undergoing cancer treatment.

Group singing bowl relaxation sessions, sometimes also called sound bathing, takes place in the main building of the Myllytalo. The candle-lit log cabin is stirred, with yoga mats spread on the floor and, in colder weather, angora wool mats. Everything you need, including pillows, blankets, eye pillows and bolsters, will be provided by the us so that you can truly come as you are. Sound waves are transmitted to those present through both the air and the sound-resonating wooden floor, promoting total body relaxation. Aesthetically beautiful, the high-quality chalices with their upper bass drums are also a pleasant experience in themselves. During the relaxation, you can just be, no one demands anything of you, the performance is left behind and you can rest in the sound of beautiful tones.

Welcome to experience an experience of a lifetime, a moment just for you!