Massage and physiotherapy

Myllytalo offers high quality and personalised physiotherapy and massage for all ages. Treatment can be body care focused on various aches and pains or challenging areas of the body , or a more pampering massage with a more holistic focus on wellbeing .

The treatment is always tailored to the individual needs of the client. Each treatment includes an interview, examination, symptomatic treatment, guidance, counselling and advice. Treatments include mobilising stretches, manual manipulation and range of motion and mobility improvement. The aim is to provide clients with the simplest possible self-care tools for everyday life.

Massage can be supported by deep relaxation vocal cord stimulation or peat moss therapy.

Physiotherapy can be requested with or without a referral from a doctor. A doctor's referral entitles the health insurance fund to reimbursement of the treatment provided. It is also possible to start treatment with a payment commitment or as a billed client.