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Compassion, self-empowerment, listening, gentleness, self-esteem, restfulness. All words that in my mind go to the heart of restorative yoga.

To restore is what restorative yoga is all about. Restoring balance to the body's mental state and restoring a state of nervous overstimulation back to harmony. Longer asanas can last up to 20 minutes. The postures are supported in a variety of ways. There is no actual stretching, although a slight sense of opening may be felt. The aim is simply to give the body permission to let go. At the same time, resources are revitalised and exhaustion and stress are prevented.

Restorative yoga 60min group classes often have only 2 asanas. These are built up with personal time with each participant to create a posture that allows for rest and relaxation. As everyone's body is different, it is also important to take into account the different needs of the body. This is why a wide range of aids are used, including bolsters, yoga mats, cushions and various blankets.

At Myllytalo, restorative yoga group classes take place in the cosy, warm, candlelit drawing room of our 100-year-old log house. All supplies are provided by the house. We recommend bringing flexible, warm clothing (wool socks!) and a water bottle for metabolic acceleration.

Welcome to conscious rest <3

Myllytalo 4.3.2023, Kirsi

For more information about restorative yoga and literature on the subject, visit the Restorative Yoga Revolution page.