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Yin Yoga 3 - 8 people, 60 min.
Price includes 3 persons.Extras:
  • Henkilö€15.00


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Yin yoga, 3-8 people, 60 min.

Yin yoga is softness, gentleness, letting go, being instead of doing.

Yin stretches are calm and long without pulling or forcing. Gravity does the work and by listening to the body, the asanas are done with support and without overstretching. There is no religious influence behind Yin yoga, it is more about being in tune with body awareness and there is no right or wrong way to be.

Yin is therefore really for everyone , regardless of age, stiffness or previous experience.

Yin can also be combined with singing bowl relaxation, where the body is allowed to settle and ground itself to the sound of the bowls (30min.) after first letting go of the state of being stuck through yoga (60min.).