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Grounding yin yoga for 3 -8 people, 60 min.
Price includes 3 persons.Extras:
  • Henkilö€15.00


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Grounding yin yoga

In grounding yin yoga, the instructor combines yin yoga with deepening asanas to provide a gentle, light massage that roots and grounds the body and promotes letting go and relaxation. Focusing on being and doing in the here and now rather than the moment becomes easier. The Yin stretches themselves are calm and long, the asanas are performed in a supported way, listening to the body and avoiding over-stretching. In grounding yin, the instructor rotates through the class with each group member during several asanas.

The soothing touch deepens and roots the body experience without forcing anything. Grounding yin is therefore really suitable for everyone, regardless of age, stiffness or previous experience. Grounding yin yoga takes place in the main building of Myllytalo. The candle-lit room is stirred, yoga mats are spread on the floor and, in colder weather, angora wool mats are laid out. Everything you need, including pillows, blankets, blindfolds and bolsters, will be provided by the Myllytalo so that the only thing you have to worry about is yourself. You can focus on your own body and its well-being without the demands or pressure of performing, wisely listening to yourself.