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A relaxing holiday - what a lovely pair of words! I guess that's what most of us want from our holidays. Those of us who work hard every day need something that will free us from our routines, give us strength, help us recover, bring us joy and refreshment, and support us in facing the challenges ahead. Holidays are looked forward to, loaded with high hopes, expectations and images.

Sadly, however, this is often not the case. The weather is not right, the journey is arduous, I can't relax, the atmosphere feels heavy, the challenges of everyday life fade into the background. The long-awaited can turn into a disappointment.

Harri and I have tried to find the building blocks of a relaxing holiday, both in person and through Myllytalo. And let's just say it hasn't been easy. Your own life situation, children, age, stress levels and financial situation will of course all have an impact on your holiday. But over the years we have come to think that perhaps it is often a question of attitude.

Is there anything here that could help make your relaxing holiday possible?

  • LENTILITY. Give yourself some space and leave the accomplishment behind, because relaxation can be accomplished.

  • BEING. Leave enough "air" in your holiday, leave the rush behind and make time for being gentle.

  • LOVE. Give yourself permission to be here and now, to focus on the present moment and let go of worrying about the past and the future.

  • ENJOY life, do things that bring you pleasure and notice the little details.

  • LIGHTNESS. Let your tensions soften in you on both a physical and mental level.

  • ALLOWANCE. Everything is never perfect and never goes as planned, let go of it.

  • FREEDOM. You are enough as you are. Your relaxation and the way you are is enough.

  • LETTING GO. Letting go and breathing.

I hope your next relaxing holiday is a good one, with or without those cookies. We'll do our part to ensure that your holiday at Myllytalo is an experience that supports your well-being. Welcome to us!

In Lapland, in the midst of a relaxing (if not entirely imaginary) holiday 16.1.2023

Kirsi and Harri