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Cycling is the second most popular physical activity in Finland, a close second after walking. No wonder, then, that municipalities are increasingly investing in the planning and diversification of cycling routes. And so in Hämeenlinna.

We in Myllytalo are committed to providing a cycling-friendly service, including safe bike storage and maintenance, bike washing and cleaning facilities, the ability to clean cycling clothes and the ability to charge an electric bike battery.

Three "granny bikes" are available for guests to use at the Myllytalio, which can easily pedal around 1.5km to the shop or around 3.5km to the city centre, both safely along the cycle path.

Easy digital bike routes around Hämeenlinna's city centre will guide you to the most famous sites in the city centre with 360-degree images. The routes are around 5-14 km long and therefore easily accessible for cyclists of all levels and ages.

The actual cycling map can be found on the City of Hämeenlinna website. There are routes to suit all tastes, and the surrounding areas are also shown.

For more interesting, longer routes, we recommend, for example, via Aulango to Metsäkylä cottage (open on Sundays, when Kahvila leivintupa is also open) and from there to Lepaa winery. The distance from Myllytalo to Lepaa is 20km. From there, you take the same route back to Pälkäneenteentie to Rahkoila, where you can stop for a break at Mierola Bridge Café, for example. From there, the trail can continue to the old Church of the Holy Cross in Hattula, where beautiful medieval murals will delight all ages. The distance from Lepaa to the church is about 8.5km. The return journey can be made by cycling along the other side of Hattulanselkä from the castle park of Häme Castle, near the city centre, back to Myllytalo, a distance of 11km. The whole route is therefore about 40km in total. It can easily be shortened by leaving the visit to Lepaa later, leaving a total of 27km.

The other direction from Myllytalo can be Hauho, which is the longest of the routes presented here. The initial route follows the cycle path, but continues along the edge of the 10 road. The first pitstop could be, for example, the Kankaisten farm 5.5km away, where you will find a farm shop and a café. From there you can continue to the Kyyrölä pottery, where you can book a workshop if you wish. The ring route continues to the Eteläinen of Hauho, where you turn left off the 10 road onto the village road. The village shop and bar are currently closed, but there is a small beach. The distance from Myllytalo to the Eteläinen is 13km. If you continue along the village road to Hauho church village, you can visit the medieval church and the old Hauho railway line, which is about 27km from Myllytalo. The return journey can be done as a circular route by driving along the Pälkäneentie (roadside) and stopping at Mierola or the Church of the Holy Cross, as on the previous route, and then driving back to Myllytalto along the Aulanko side. The distance from Hauho village along this route to Myllytalo is 35km, making a total distance of 62km.

The third circular route is 17km long and goes around the Katumajärvi. Along the way is Vanaja Castle, which is about 5.5km from Myllytalo. The road is winding, but paved. Lunch is served at the golf club in summer. From Vanaja Castle, continue in the direction of Harviala and then turn back towards Hämeenlinna from the tip of Katumajärvi. On the way, you can stop at Mantere Castle Hill, which offers a beautiful view of the lake. On the way, you can swim at the Idänpää beach and shop at the famous Tarot shop. From there, a cycle path takes you to Myllytalo, just over 2km from the shop.

For those interested in a real challenge, explore the historic scenery of the Häme bull road and stop by the leather workshop in Porras, for example. The total length of this cycle route is 70km. Iittala Village can also offer a nice day trip for those who prefer a slightly longer route.

We warmly welcome you to enjoy both the pleasure of exercise and the relaxation and tranquillity of our rustic countryside like environment!

At Myllytalo 31.5.2023

Kirsi- and Harri-host