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Good food, better mood. That's just the way it often goes. Even though we don't have any actual food services at Myllytalo, Hämeenlinna is fortunately full of them. In addition to eating on the spot, you can order takeaway or takeaway food from several restaurants. At Myllytalo, eating in apartments or in the LatoSpa sauna is a nice option if you want to enjoy a meal in peace and quiet with just your own group.

Here are our tips for enjoying food in our beautiful city .

Miller´s bbq

Our absolute favourite is Miller´s bbq, not least because of its location. It's just a stone's throw from Myllytalo to this unique restaurant, which you can easily walk to. The absolute king of Miller´s is the 22h hour braised brisket, but there are also excellent options for vegetarians. The food is palate-pleasing and unpretentious, Texas-style. Miller´s food can be eaten on the premises or taken to go.

Restaurant Uoma

Restaurant Uoma is located in the city centre and bills itself as a classy block bistro. In addition to lunch, there are menu options that will leave you speechless. The food is Nordic, with a focus on local products, and is guaranteed not to disappoint.


Popino has been delighting the people of Hämeenlinna with its Italian-focused food for over 30 years. The menu offers both a portioned lunch and an a la carte menu. Popino is a reliable restaurant for all ages and tastes and is located in the city centre. Popino also has a take-away option.

Restaurant Gingerbread House

Piparkakkutalo (Gingerbread House) can be found behind the church, in an old, idyllic Art Nouveau-style wooden house. It too has been serving customers for over 30 years and thus represents tradition in many ways. However, the a la carte food has been brought to the present day and the menu is promised to change five times a year. An experiential three or five-course surprise menu is an option for those who like surprises.

Park Brgr

The racy Park Brgr serves artisan burgers and other flavours of Häme region´s street food. The restaurant opened in 2022, so it represents a newer, fresh take on Hämeenlinna's food scene. Fast casual food is enjoyed in an atmospheric, dimly lit environment. The restaurant is located near the church.

Vanai Bistro & Bastu

The restaurant is located in an industrial-style factory building on Hämeenlinna's most popular outdoor route, the so-called rantareitti, near the Vanajavesi lake. The menu varies according to the season, and you can also enjoy the cocktail bar's artful drinks. Also check out the Sunday brunch!


Specialising in Mediterranean cuisine, Bora is located in Hätilä, about 2km from Myllytalo. On weekdays, a standing lunch table is available and delicious pizzas are cooked over an open fire. The spacious restaurant can accommodate larger groups at a time.

In Hämeenlinna, you can find ethnic cuisine in the following options:

Asian restaurant Ajito & Sushi.

Nepalese restaurant Himalaya kitchen.

Vietnamese restaurant Kauno kitchen.

Mediterranean flavours and kebabs Restaurant Kimene.

Have a nice taste trip in Hämeenlinna, you won't be disappointed!

Myllytalo 15.8.2023, Kirsi

ps. A separate blog about Hämeenlinna cafes is coming - more delicacies to come :)