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Peat treatment with massage 60 min.
€70.00 / h


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Turf treatment with massage

Massage can also be combined with the peat treatment. The treatment is carried out on a treatment table with a warm surface. The peat pads (5 of them) are heated to 45°C and then placed on the back and legs. The weight of each pad is 3 kg, so in addition to relaxing the body, they also have a grounding effect. A warm blanket is placed over the pads and relaxing music can be played in the background according to the client's wishes. The massage is carried out by alternately removing the heat packs from the area to be massaged. The head, arms, neck, shoulders, back and legs are all treated in a holistic, gentle massage. The treatment ends with a few minutes of silence, during which time you gradually return to the present moment.