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€200.00 / 4 h


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Peace and quiet.
Gentleness and strength.
Relaxation and well-being.

That's what LatoSpa in Myllytalo was designed for. The heart of the LatoSpa is the Aitokiuas, a one-time heated sauna in the old courtyard, which takes about five hours to heat up and whose soft, long-lasting baths relax even the most stressed body. The hustle and bustle is left behind as the organ of the black stove rings out. From the warmth of the sauna, you can plunge into a six-person sauna under the starry sky and let the water caress your limbs. The lounge, built into an old wooden log cabin and equipped with patio heaters, offers a place to relax with a fridge and barbecue, both during and after the sauna. Authentic experiences in a genuine environment, just a stone's throw from the centre of Hämeenlinna.

Our blog offers more information concerning the unique experience of LatoSpa.

Rental of the entire LatoSpa (sauna, lounge and lot) 200€ / evening / max 4 persons (150€ for guests). Additional persons 20€ / person. The price includes linen peflets, recycled polythene dish towels and vegan detergents.

Sauna only (sauna and lounge) 100€ / evening / max 4 persons (70€ for guests). Additional persons 10€/person. The price includes linen peflets and vegan detergents. Prices include VAT.

Note! On holidays and public holidays (e.g. May Day, Midsummer, New Year) LatoSpa rental 300€ / night / max 4 persons (250€ / night for guests). Additional persons 20€/person. The sauna alone is not available on holidays and public holidays.

The LatoSpa is only rented to one party per day for hygiene reasons.

For a larger group of 2-12 persons, please ask Harri for an offer. 0400 861042.

Time (max 5 hours from start time)

Please note that the LatoSpa lounge is a cold room. The terrace heaters will keep you warm until quite late autumn and bring spring early, but in sub-zero temperatures it is not pleasant to dine there. With that in mind, we have rented the lower floor of the adjacent Talli apartment, if it is available. For more information, please contact Harri tel. 0400 861042.