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Myllytalo has a history of over a hundred years on the east side of Hämeenlinna. The house is located along the then highway, now a cycling traffic route, next to the Ruununmylly school and Kruununmylly. The house was built by the two brothers after the Peasants' Act came into force, which allowed peasants to claim land for themselves. The main building with its courtyard was completed in 1921 and the house was occupied by the same family until 1989. The cultivated land was extensive and extended to what is now Siiri and Matkolampi.

After the construction of the 10 road in the 1960s, the cows had to be put out to pasture because it was too dangerous to transport them across the busy road. After that, empty farms had to find a use, and so the barn building has been used for things like tractor sales and a car repair garage. The garage almost burnt down, but was narrowly saved by a resourceful garage owner who closed the iron doors with his bare hands (and savage burns) and the fire was contained to just one room.

The Myllytalo started to provide accommodation in the 90s in the end of an outbuilding called the Talli Apartment. About ten years later, the next host family built two more apartments in the outbuilding, the Navetta (cow shed) and the Paja (car repair garage), both of which have names that recall the past.

We, the Tuomi´s, are the fourth host family to move into Myllytalo, having moved in in August 2011. At first, we continued to provide accommodation as before, mainly for longer-term guests, such as posted workers. In spring 2019, we renovated the old garden sauna and the wooden barn and built a terrace with a hot tub.

The real new era began when Myllytalo switched to the Booking.com booking system in 2020, with a clear shift in the accommodation business to be more tourist-oriented. Furthermore, when our three children moved out of the house, it was time to take over part of the main house for business use. This was naturally done by utilising and expanding our own core skills as physiotherapists and music and interaction therapists. In recent years, we have been determined to develop our activities towards a holistic service of well-being and relaxation.

Our core values are caring for others and ourselves, respecting and nurturing traditions and constantly developing an ethically and ecologically sustainable way of living. We warmly welcome you to Myllytalo, we promise to take good care of you!

Harri and Kirsi Tuomi, host and hostess of Myllytalo